Gay Head Grapefruit - A wake you up scent with tones of fresh grapefruit. This fragrance used to be called Vineyard Sunrise and it continues to be one of the most popular scents.

Chilmark Cucumber MelonFresh Cucumbers and sweet spring melons.

Hidden Hill Honeysuckle - As a child I often remember stopping to pull away the honeysuckle flower and sucking out the sweet nectar. A fond memory for suew

Lamberts Cove Lavender - Scented with pure natural essential oil.  calming, soothing &  relaxing w/ many therapeutic skin properties. Like the drive up that long winding country road that is Lamberts Cove

Edgartown Lilac -  I grew up loving the scent of my Aunt Marion's lilac bush.. This is truly it.....Just fresh spring lilacs!

Lucy Vincent Lemongrass  - Another fresh clean natural scent. scented only with natural lemongrass essential oil. Soon will only be available in our soaps great for the kitchen and removing all scents of garlic, onions and fish!

West Tisbury White Tea & Ginger - This is a new fragrance for us this year the blend of the two makes for a wonderful combination of earthy clean

-Katama Key Lime - Fresh citrus made with essential oil, also only available in cold process bars  and loofah rounds.

Chappaquiddick Coconut Lemongrass -  NEW! This fragrance is my new favorite the combination is a blast of goodness

Squibnocket Sandalwood Vanilla -  a nice blend of the 2 oils woodsy and the vanilla is a nice way to offset (one of my favorites), yes I have a few!


 Is that just perfect blend of ripe sweet berries and fresh green herbs. Theres a bit of orange, and sweet berries, a slight woodsy note.The addition of the crisp green notes and warm spicy tones create dimension within the blend, as velvet moss is sweetened with musk at the base to finish the perfection.