Dear Simply Soaps,

I am writing to tell you what great success I have had with your product.  I was at the Vineyard in August and tried your soap.  I have very difficult skin and have always had such a hard time finding a great cleansing product.  The oatmeal soap is so gentle and my skin has never looked better.  I am reaching out to say thank you and to place another order.  I was apprehensive to try something new, but you seemed so self assured that I thought I 'd try a few bars.  I love it. 
Do you have any other oatmeal products?   

Thank you so much,   

           Susan Nuzzolo Ridgewood, NJ

Dear Simply Soaps,

 I stumbled across your store last Friday while spending the day in Martha's Vineyard. I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love my coconut lotion bar! I also bought a few of your "odd ends" soaps for gifts, and everyone loved them! Can't wait to visit again soon or order online! 
        Brittany, Arlington VA

Dear Simply Soaps,

I love your products! They're true to their promise. I have dry, sensitive skin and your Body Butter Silk solves those problems with no surface residue or drying. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized, even in the coldest of wintertime. And, in the summer it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or covered as some lotions can. By the way, it works as a great nail moisturizer and the scents are lovely. Thank you!

        Sandra Whitworth, Vineyard Haven, MA 

Dear Simply Soaps,

I was at MV two week ago and bought two of your products. I will now use nothing else! I hope to be placing an order in October.

         Lisa Angelbeck

Simply Soaps MV

One again I am NOT disappointed with the quality of your product. Simply amazing soap and body cream.....we are your Philly girls that come up at least once a year!!!!!

      Carolyn Wagenhoffer, Lansdale, PA