We are creative, passionate, artistic female entrepreneurs who offer the encouragement, support, and collaboration of innovative and imaginative women.

Mission AP is a forum for creative innovators and traditional artists, who seek a venue and a cultural haven to design, collaborate and communicate their enthusiasm and passion for the process and joy of creating unique art. 
AP is a venue for increasing our creative visibility, expanding our expectations, and networking with other talented artists who share our purpose, excitement and the sheer pleasure of the creative process and passion necessary to provide distinctive and exceptional art, our way. Nikki is moving more into her photography, you will be able to see some of her works for sale at Simply Soaps this summer as a lifelong friend I am looking forward to working with and supporting her passion for the art of photography. 

Nikki Graham photography 
Nikki has come along and set up her work with us at Simply Soaps her wonderful Island themed cards have been a huge hit this summer season. Please check out her site to order from her, but remember all of our gift baskets will come with an Island Themed Gift Card of Nikki's be sure to look at her work on her site it is all very pleasing to the eyes and a wonderful keepsake of this place we are lucky enough to call home.


Nancy  lives on the Island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod where she has made her home for the last 23 years.  Nancy and her husband John own Island Water Source, Inc.; a well drilling and water filtration company.  They have a lovely and talented daughter, Katie, who is a junior in college. Nancy is a graduate of Notre Dame Academy in Hingham MA and Newbury College in Boston, MA.  She has worked extensively in the legal and insurance fields. NMC Originals is her creation of sundry antique button jewelry. Her collection includes eclectic and embellished pieces.  Fine stones, glass beads and gems. Creations strung on wire or crocheted with fine cord.  Nancy will personally design a piece of jewelry for you using your own collection of buttons.