This is the about me page to the left I am pictured from a recent trip to Italy, a gift from my husband for a friend and I that we have dreamed of for many years. We were so grateful  to be able to make  this journey.  I learned so much about myself from this trip that life is about following your passion! I will continue to follow mine with the production of my handmade bath and body products. 

I began making soaps back in 1999 with a friend who made candles and I made soaps together we lugged, set up,  broke down, packed and unpacked again and again each weekend every summer. We did all the Artisan Festivals and Flea Markets we could get to on island. Much the same as my Great Aunt Marion did many many years ago as I am the third generation to do such a thing, she made wonderful hand cut lampshades and hooked rugs that she sold at the Chilmark Church Flea Market. I followed in her footsteps although a different craft. I felt a true connection to her and how hard she worked. After several summers of doing this both my friend and I decided it was time to take a break and get a regular job, well as it goes that never seemed to work for me. I find myself with a sense and need  to be busy and not sit at a desk  all day. I am just not built for that!
So  back at it  in the summer of 2010 I entered into the Vineyard Artisans Festivals and the Chilmark Flea Markets. I thought this time I would keep it simply hence the name "Simply Soaps", but my clients kept asking me to bring back all of my natural bath and body products  well with much hesitation I did. Then came the fall of 2010 where I was blessed with finding a retail spot that would work. So I am back at it following my passion, that's what life should be about anyway, right? 
I hope you get to the Vineyard and enjoy your trip and get to stop in my shop and say hello chances are good you will find me there! If you take the time to look at the site you will see that my fragrances are reminiscent of special places and times of my childhood here. I am grateful to have grown up in a place where everybody does know your name.